Everything related to students can be controlled from the app, in a simple and intuitive way from the point of view of getting on and off the vehicle, as well as easy monitoring of absences. In addition, this App will make it easier for drivers to follow the assigned routes and know at all times of news or notifications from the school.




But this is not all…In addition to the above features, BeeMate has many more to offer:

Automatic scanning tool for NFC cards and student QR codes, recording their entry and exit.

It allows the driver to access the App in an easy and intuitive way. By simply scanning his NFC card with his mobile device, the driver will be able to access his profile without having to enter his credentials manually.

When your profile is created, you will automatically be sent an email with your username and password so that you can access the application. An email will also be sent when the password is forgotten, when the email is changed, when a trip is assigned and other cases.

Each student is assigned an NFC card that will be scanned from the driver's App when they enter the bus. But not only that! We also provide each student with a QR code that can be scanned by the driver once they have got on the bus to notify the parent or guardian of their children's position.