With BeeMate parents and guardians will be able to check the position of the bus in real-time, obtain relevant information from the school or the operator, check the estimated time of arrival or scheduling personalized alerts, as well as tracking their children’s position at all times. With our App there will be no more waiting times at the bus stop and your children’s safety is guaranteed!




But this is not all… In addition to the above features, BeeMate has many more to offer:

Parents, guardians and drivers can view their personalized profile with the all the relevant data provided.

The App displays the assigned passengers to each parent or guardian, as well as a brief information about them, the route to which they belong, the assigned pick-up and drop stops and much more.

BeeMate is a global company as well as our users! Therefore we have set up our technology and Apps in multiple languages, making it possible to select and easily switch between languages such as English, Spanish, Greek or French.

With BeeMate you will keep a track of all your relevant events through our email generation system. Leave it all in our hands and we will automatically notify you in your inbox when your profile is created, when your password was forgotten or when your email is changed or a new passenger or trip is assigned.